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LIMOUSINE RENTAL CONTRACT: This agreement is made on the date of this invoice or confirmation email , or telphonically(TEXT) between Where's My Limo Luxury Limousine Rental (“Vendor”), of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and (“Customer”), name on this invoice or confirmation email , or TEXT message as follows:

CONTRACT TIME Vendor contracts to rent a passenger limousine with driver to Customer from the date on this invoice or confirmation email or text message (the “Contract Time”).  The Contract Time can be amended by Vendor or Customer via Text Message to (970)439-1231 due to reasons listed under "ASSUMPTION OF RISK BY CUSTOMER".  Additional, Recovery ground transportation due to flight cancellations in Hayden are discounted to 50% of regular price, each way, and subject to driver/vehicle availability.  LIMOUSINE RENTAL CONTRACT can be cancelled by the customer more than 48 hours in advance, $15 charge back.  Arrivals are subject to cancellation if the flight delays exceed 30 mins and conflicts with a scheduled departure/arrival.  Departures are subject to cancellation if the customer has not loaded the vehicle within 30 mins of the scheduled pickup. Where's My Limo will defer cancellations to a comparable transportation service when possible.

CONTRACT PRICE: The Customer agrees to pay the amount on this invoice or confirmation email or text for the services to be rendered for the Contract Time. The Customer agrees to pay $99 for each additional hour or part thereof worked by the driver either before or after the Contract Time.

WARRANTY: Vendor warrants that the limousine has undergone regular maintenance and is in good, clean condition. The foregoing warranty does not warrant that the limousine will be free from unforseen mechanical defects.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK BY CUSTOMER: Vendor does not guarantee the safety or assume any responsibility for any personal articles or items lost, stolen, damaged or left in the limousine. Vendor is not responsible for delays in the limousine’s departure and arrival caused by weather, road conditions, hazards, accidents or other unforseen events, including acts of God or War or Wildlife

RULES & SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Customer and not more than 6(MKT) or 7(NAVIGATOR) or 9 (SPRINTER) persons shall be provided transport or shelter in the limousine. The following activities are prohibited in or within one hundred (100) feet of the limousine:  Consumption of alcoholic beverages (by a minor)‚ Consumption of illegal drugs‚ Smoking‚ Violent or unruly behavior; Conduct causing, or in driver’s opinion likely to cause, damage to the limousine; Conduct interfering with, or in driver’s opinion likely to interfere with, safe operation of the limousine. Vendor expressly reserves the right to terminate or cancel service without any refund whatsoever if the driver observes violation of the rules as stated above.

DAMAGE: Customer agrees to pay for any and all damage and any cleaning to the limousine which results or is required due to the conduct of any person in the limousine. Specifically, such damage includes, but is not limited to, burns, spillage, vomiting($200 min.), broken glassware, scratches, stains and broken windows, seats, and mirrors. Customer agrees that the charges for such repairs and cleaning will be assessed to the credit card for the individual or entity who has rented the limousine. In the event that the credit card is not able to be charged, customer agrees to remit payment for damages within seven (7) days of the date of the event.

HOLD HARMLESS: Customer agrees to hold the driver and Vendor harmless for any and all negligence or gross negligence in the maintenance and operation of the limousine. Customer agrees to indemnify the driver and Vendor for any and all costs and fees incurred in the defense of any claim made against them arising out of and in connection with the rental of the limousine. 

BREACH OF CONTRACT AND ATTORNEY FEES: If the customer shall breach this contract, the Vendor shall be entitled to terminate service under this agreement immediately and be entitled to his attorney’s fees, the costs of collection and costs incurred in any lawsuits arising out of or in connection with said breach.

SEVERABILITY: If any provisions of this contract are deemed void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

JURISDICTION: The parties agree that all the terms and conditions stated herein shall be construed under the laws of the State of Colorado and any action or proceeding brought in connection with or arising out of this contract shall be within the jurisdiction of the Routt County District or Routt County Superior Courts.


Vendor Customer Dated: see attached invoice or confirmation email or text message

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