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While offered at a price that is too good to be true, you may actually be able to take a rideshare from Denver International Airport to Steamboat Springs.  On this example fare, the algorithm takes the driver to where I-76 intersects the 470 toll road for added mileage at an additional cost.  Depending on driver supply, I have seen fares as low as $150.00.  While a driver may seem to be a driving machine and able to drive for the 16 hours per day allowed by rideshare; driver fatigue is a huge safety issue that is regulated by the FMCSA but does not apply to rideshare drivers. 


Consider a driver at Denver International Airport:

The fact that they are at the airport at all means they had 45 mins behind the wheel.  Then they wait for a fare, up to 2 or 3 hours.  Maybe they are fortunate enough to get a trip to downtown and back to the airport again, 2.25 hours behind the wheel.  Then they see a long trip as a way to make much more than the normal DIA to dtown fare.  To Steamboat springs is at least 6.5 hours behind the wheel.  The two apps will not accurately tally or report drive time in excess of the legal 10 hour limit.  This will inevitably lead to dangerous driver fatigue.

It is up to the consumer to look out for its own safety.  If you order a rideshare from denver international airport to steamboat springs, vail, beaver creek, copper mountain, loveland ski area, aspen, breckenridge, keystone, arapahoe basin, snowmass, ajax, butter milk, the ritz carlton, the four seasons, the sheraton, crested butte, telluride.  Simply ask your driver, "hey what time did you start today? " .  Some drivers may start at 4am so at noon they would be well over the amount of drive time that is legally allowed.  Another consideration during the winter would be to examine the tires of the vehicle.  Uber and Lyft drivers in denver would be very low on cash and many would elect to run bald All-Season tires because they cannot afford the expense of winter tires in good condition. A Limo company would put Blizzacks or similar winter tire on their SUV or Vans.  Plus a Limo driver would make the mountain trips many times in a winter, and would have the patience and experience to do so as safe as possible.  Where's My Limo has a home in Denver, which allows the driver to rest before or after the long one way travel from steamboat springs to DIA(denver international airport), or Denver International Airport to steamboat springs.

One other consideration, in addition to the safety and experience, offered by a professional driver versus a rideshare driver; would be driver attitude.  A rideshare driver that is worked like a dog, 10+ hours in a day, will leave the driver fatigued and their attitude will sour over time; especially if their hours on the road exceed the legal limit. (970) 439-1231 makes the trip from denver international airport to steamboat springs very often, and has the experience to navigate bad weather and heavy traffic conditions.